The Regatta will be governed by the International Sailing Federation ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012 (hereafter referred to as Racing Rules by these Sailing Instructions. The regatta is classified as a Category C Event, Racing Rules Regulation 20.

The proposed classes are as follows:

  • Racing (Spinnaker)
  • Cruiser/Racer (Spinnaker or double headsail)
  • Cruiser (Non-spinnaker, single headsail with pole)
  • Charter (Non-spinnaker)
  • Multihull
Definition of spinnaker will be as specified in the present Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) Rating Rule.

All classes will race under the 2008 CSA Rating Rule. Boats entering these classes must have a valid CSA rating upon entry.

Charter Class
Charter Class boats shall be in the standard charter configuration (with standard rigging, sails, and equipment) as operated by Mooring, Horizons, etc. Poles, boathooks, oars or other such devices for holding out the headsail are not permitted.

Class Splits
The Race Committee may split a class depending on the number of the entries and shall decide in which class a boat may race. The decision of the Race Committee shall be final.

Penalties for breaking rules of Part 2
The penalty shall be in accordance with RRS 44

The Low-Point Scoring System, RRS Appendix A, will apply. All races shall count and a boat's total score will be the sum of its scores for all races.